Stainless steel IBC



  • Stainless steel IBCs can be used without intermediate cleaning between transports.
    The valve is either cleaned or replaced by a disposable plastic valve.
  • The containers retain their dangerous goods approval.
  • The customer’s employees are extensively trained with regard to loading and unloading the inliners on site.
  • Alternatively, we can also offer this service via one of our specialized deposit partners.
  • Alternatively, we can also offer this service via one of our specialized deposit partners.
    The containers are provided with an inliner and the valve is reinserted before being placed in position. Due to a vacuum effect, the inliner is firmly attached to the PE bubble and does not change its position during filling or emptying. Agitators can be used without any problems.
  • No process change, neither during filling nor emptying at the end receivers.
  • The inliner installed in the IBC is not visible to the final recipient. After collection of the empty container from the recipient, the inliner is exchanged and the valve is professionally cleaned.


  • We offer a fleet management concept including inventory and location management of the entire fleet and collection of the IBCs from the recipients.
  • At any time, the stocks are known to the recipients and can be communicated with them.
  • Each individual IBC can be located at any time, and the recipients can be provided with detailed lists. As a result, the customer’s monitoring functions are reduced and outsourced in a customer-friendly manner to an established and experienced partner in the field of fleet management.
  • Missing and lost units are excluded by a complete management of the interfaces.
  • The scope of the handover of monitoring and action tasks can be designed in a customer-specific modular way.


  • Cost advantage through reduction of cleaning effort – depending on product type
  • No damage caused by aggressive substances (corrosion, pitting, etc.)
  • No residues of detergents, no cross contamination as with conventional cleaning are possible, since brand new inliners are always used.