• Following an idea of the IBA for a disposable container for aseptic requirements, IBA found with WERiT Kunststoffwerken a strong partner with an effective Salesforce and reliable system for collecting the units after they have been emptied at their destination.
  • IBA is responsible for the technical development and manufacture of the inliner, including all the components involved, while the WERiT-group is responsible for the installation in the cage and the delivery to the customer. In addition WERiT is responsible for the sales and marketing of the ‚NUTRiLine Aseptic’ with their European network.
  • The return of the units is organized by PACKONE system.


  • In addition to the outer opaque metallized PET film, a thermolaminated inner layer of PE and PA provides optimum flexibility to avoid flex-cracks.
  • The inliner is once again fully protected from damage and deformation by an external fabric.
  • The container is then firmly installed in a grid cage and connected to each other by means of special, tailor- made components.
  • A high-performance valve provides for the possibilities of sterilization with steam for filling and the unlimited extraction of partial quantities.
  • The ‚NUTRiLine Aseptic’ is completed and delivered to the customer’ ready-to-fill’ and is immediately ready for filling. Manual reworking before, during or after filling is not necessary.
  • This container is absolutely ready-to-fill and hands-free.
  • After emptying at the recipient’s premises, the recipient can then return the units worldwide using the well-known returns procedure.

Areas of application

  • This solution is suitable for all aseptic filling and emptying operations and is mainly used as a disposable container for long distances.
  • The ‚NUTRiLine Aseptic‘ combines economic efficiency with the high quality demands of the aseptic product range.